2022WSD世界劇場設計展將於86日至16日在加拿大卡加利舉辦,WSD 2022主辦團隊與OISTAT隆重宣布本屆活動將採「實體形式」舉辦。於此同時,我們也將推出系列線上活動,包含WSD世界劇場設計競賽、TAC劇場建築國際競圖、TIP劇場創新發明獎線上展覽,讓更多人能加入WSD世界劇場設計展共襄盛舉。

2022 WSD世界劇場設計展實體與線上門票目前均已開放購票,歡迎您至WSD 2022官方網站進行購買。有意前至加拿大卡加利的朋友,也請務必瀏覽加拿大當局入境、簽證等相關政策



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Announcement: World Stage Design 2022 will Proceed as an IN-PERSON Event

With immense hopefulness and joy, the Organizing Committee and OISTAT are pleased to declare that World Stage Design 2022 will proceed as an IN-PERSON event! We look forward to seeing you in Calgary in August this year!



We realize not everyone will be able to travel, or some may not be comfortable travelling yet. We will have excellent online programming and the WSD Exhibitions (including Theatre Architecture Competition and Technical Invention Prize) will be available in a digital format. All OISTAT meetings will have online participation options.



WSD 2022 has been very challenging to program due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We are working hard to keep you informed and have posted links to the Canadian Covid-19 protocols and visa information on our website. The most important help you can give us is to register for the conference as soon as possible so that we have a better understanding of the number of people attending and how they are planning to attend. Registration options are Hybrid (in-person and digital) or Digital only. Please help us plan the best event possible by registering here.


We look forward to your participation in WSD 2022 August 6th – 16th.